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ChoirStaff produces DrumStaff in 2.5.30

From: Imruska
Subject: ChoirStaff produces DrumStaff in 2.5.30
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 00:18:22 +0200
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As I was trying to make some (very nice, of course) choral music score with 2.5.30, in which at the \score part I put
\context ChoirStaff <<
... >>
Lilypond tells me at Interpreting Music:

lumen_ad_revelationem.ly:14:8: warning: junking event: `KeyChangeEvent'
        \key f \major

four times (i.e once for all parts, since the music is in 4 parts), and the result is a Drum score, without keys, and only one line instead of five, i.e. without pitches, only with rhythm and lyrics.

In 2.4.x this worked fine.

I think this has to be fixed before 2.6.0

Pothárn Imre

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