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I found a bug. (Autopackage menu items on fedora core 3)

From: Mitchell Jeffrey
Subject: I found a bug. (Autopackage menu items on fedora core 3)
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 20:58:20 +1000

Hi there,
(Insert generic praise for lilypond here :-)) However, I do have two (very 
small) issues with the autopackage:

System is fedora core 3, using gnome 2.10 and the lilypond 2.4 autopackage

The following items deposited in (Gnome 2.8's) APPLICATIONS>OTHER upon 
installing have bugs:
* Examples
* Lilypond
* (the rest work fine)

When I click on 'Examples'
Clicking on examples gives the error dialouge "Cannot launch entry Details: 
The specified location is invalid."
What I expected to happen:
A nautilus window opens at /usr/share/lilypond/input
When I drag the menu item to the desktop everything works fine.

When I click on 'Lilypond'
Nothing happens when I click on the 'Lilypond' menu entry
What I expected to happen:
Something happens! :-)
I know that lilypond is a non-interactive command-line program, so having a 
menu entry seems like a silly idea. I'll leave it to you to decide what 
should happen

As you can see, they don't affect the ability to generate pretty music, but 
they are a little bit confusing.
If you need more details, email me back


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