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2.6.0: translate not working with mark

From: Colin Wilding
Subject: 2.6.0: translate not working with mark
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 14:53:41 +0100

Using 2.6.0 (Windows)

There seems to be a problem with \translate in markup used with \mark

If you run the fragment below in version 2.4.3 (Cygwin) the markup
text text "here" appears above the fourth note.
If you run it in 2.6.0 (Windows) it appears above the clef, i.e. untranslated.

\paper { raggedright = ##t }
\score{ \relative c''{
\mark \markup { "" \translate #(cons 30 0) here. }
c4 d e f } }

--Colin Wilding

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