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Re: 2.6.5 and "adding reverse spring" error

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: 2.6.5 and "adding reverse spring" error
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 21:28:57 +0100

Erik Sandberg wrote:
> On Saturday 14 January 2006 20.35, R. D. Davis wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > This afternoon, I upgraded from 2.6.0 to 2.6.5 (from source code) in
> > an attempt to stop getting quite a few of the following errors:
> >
> >   programming error: adding reverse spring, setting to unit
> >   continuing, cross fingers
> >
> > In the Lilypond output, after the first group of staffs, the notes begin
> > close to the clefs, appearing where there should be space for the time
> > signature.
> >
> > After the upgrade, which I read would resolve this problem, the errors
> > are still occurring.  If I remove one of the instruments, so that
> > there are only five in the score, the problem goes away.  At the
> > beginning of the source file, I did use:
> Can you present an example .ly file which reproduces the problem? (preferably 
> a minimal demonstration of the problem, i.e. something like one single bar 
> which demonstrates the problem)

It may be difficult to write such a small .ly input : I have experienced
this issue often appears when there are several staffs and enough bars.

For some scores, a possible workaround is setting the key signature
width large enough :

\override Score.KeySignature #'minimum-X-extent = #'(-0.8 . 1)

Put this line in the first "\new Staff{}" block for example, and play
with the second number until you no longer see any "adding reverse

If there is no key signature in the score, it may also work with the
clef instead, but I haven't tried.

Be careful that this workaround sometimes doesn't work, but thanks to
the great developers' work ;-), the problem seems to have been fixed in
the 2.7.x series.

John Mandereau <address@hidden>

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