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Re: accidental cancelation going too far?

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: accidental cancelation going too far?
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 02:16:36 -0700
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Erik Sandberg wrote:

On Thursday 26 January 2006 01.38, Paul Scott wrote:
When running a very recent CVS version (2.7.28)  flats are remembered
and canceled in the next bar - a sharp on that pitch shows up as a
natural with a sharp.

I haven't run the very latest CVS because I am getting some small build
errors that I am not yet sure about.  They may only be in the
documentation files.


This is not a full lilypond input (the line \include "../common21a.ly" stops compilation). However, I suspect the problem is the same as the known bug auto-accidental-barnumber.ly in the bug CVS repository. If it is not the same problem, can you please sending a working & minimal example?
Sorry.  Here it is.


\version "2.7.27"
\include "english.ly"

  title = "Music 125 - Exercises - Page 25"
  composer = "Paul Scott"

  \set Score.currentBarNumber = #10
  \time 8/4
  \set Score.currentBarNumber = #11
  \clef treble df'^\markup{ Major } ef' ff' gf' a' bf' c'' df'' | \bar "||"
  df' ef' f' gf' af' bf' c'' df'' | \bar "||" \break
  \set Score.currentBarNumber = #13
  \clef treble af'^\markup{ Natural minor } bf' cf'' df'' e'' ff'' gf'' af'' | 
\bar "||"
  af' bf' cf'' df'' ef'' ff'' gf'' af'' | \bar "||" \break
  \set Score.currentBarNumber = #14
  gs'^\markup{ Harmonic minor } as' b' cs'' ds'' e'' f'' gs'' | \bar "||"
  gs' as' b' cs'' ds'' e'' fss'' gs'' | \bar "||" \break
  \set Score.currentBarNumber = #15
  \clef treble gs'^\markup{ Natural minor } as' bs' cs'' ds'' e'' fs'' gs'' | 
\bar "||"
  gs' as' b' cs'' ds'' e'' fs'' gs'' | \bar "||" \break

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