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Re: Beam/Stem misattached (v2.7.28, WinXP)

From: Thies Albrecht
Subject: Re: Beam/Stem misattached (v2.7.28, WinXP)
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 15:59:13 +0100
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I'll try some more or less ancient versions of lily to find out:

1. if the problems also appears using former versions
2. if not, what's the first version the problem appears.
After playing around with versions I found out the following:

1. The change from "everything fine" to "stems misattached" seems to be
   between v2.7.12 -> v2.7.17 (no version in between available for XP)
2. The change in behaviour occurs by chance when Staff.verticalExtent
   becomes Staff.VerticalAxisGroup #'Y-extent.
3. In v2.7.17+ the error occurs only when setting the Y-extent.

Perhaps this will give a clue about the source of error.

Kind regards,
Thies Albrecht

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