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Re: Macro pre-processing?

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Macro pre-processing?
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2006 17:08:18 -0700

On 9-Apr-06, at 11:04 AM, Geoff Horton wrote:

I think the following messages to lilypond-users (as well as my own
complete inability to understand music functions) suggest that the
manual could use some work in this area.

A problem endemic to manuals, and one that I have no idea how to fix,
is that they're usually crystal-clear to someone who already knows the

And a problem endemic to the lilypond manual, and one that I have a few ideas how to fix, is that the person maintaining the docs doesn't understand a all the material.

In the case of scheme (chapter 11), I can honestly say that I do not fully understand a single section of the docs. But I'm swamped with other doc issues, so I never have time to sit down and really learn it. And if I don't understand the material, I certainly can't write docs about it. Rest assured that I've saved Nicholas' email, so some day when I've finished more pressing doc issues, I'll revisit this issue.

In a few days, I'll be making a big push to get more people involved in the docs. If you'd like to see the manual improved, please think about offering to do some of the jobs -- if other people do simple jobs, I can concentrate on learning (and then improving the docs) on simple things. If other people offer to do complicated jobs, I can work on simple things. If both areas are covered, I'm certain I can find other doc stuff to do.

- Graham

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