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Re: TextCresc has a bug in Lilypond 2.9.2

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: TextCresc has a bug in Lilypond 2.9.2
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 21:56:32 -0700

On 15-Apr-06, at 5:34 AM, Salvi Nora wrote:

I've just started to use Lilypond 2.9.2 yesterday, and it has a bug with
TextCresc and TextSpan, the next staff will look kind of interesting.

I hope that you realize that 2.9.2 is the unstable development branch -- I would recommend using 2.8.x for any serious composition. That said, bug reports are valuable for both versions. :)

However, I'm not certain what the problem is here -- at least, on 2.8.1 I can't see a problem. Could you describe the issue, and ideally also test it in 2.8.1?

- Graham

Here is an example:

\include "deutsch.ly"
\header {
title = "TextCresc has a bug"
        \score {
        \relative c'' {
                \key c \major
                \time 4/4
                \clef treble
                g4 a\< h c \break
                d e f g\!
                \bar "|."
        \layout { }

Thank you, I very much enjoy using Lilypond! Keep up the good work!

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