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Re: printing page numbers affects the number of pages?

From: Joe Neeman
Subject: Re: printing page numbers affects the number of pages?
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 20:42:53 +0200

On 11/1/06, Vincent <address@hidden> wrote:

The following example takes 1 page if page numbers are printed, and
2 pages if they aren't (comment the two statements in \paper).

Is this a bug?

This may be related to the bug reported recently by Arvid Gr√łtting (loose
spacing with breakbefore). In any case, I can't reproduce it with latest
CVS. With page numbers, I get 1 page + 3 lines. Without page numbers, I get
1 page + 2 lines (in other words, page numbers _do_ take up vertical space,
but at least the results go in the right direction).

I think that the result should be the same with or without page
numbers, but even if you don't agree with this, then shouldn't happen
just the opposite? (if page numbers take score space --> chances are
that the score can take more pages, not less)



\version "2.9.26"

  print-page-number = ##t
  print-first-page-number = ##t

\relative c'
  \time 4/4

\repeat unfold 121
  a' b c d


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