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Unexpected tuplet bracket location

From: Victor Eijkhout
Subject: Unexpected tuplet bracket location
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 18:24:56 -0600

I'd call it a bug that the tuplet bracket jumps up and down even though the pitch doesn't change.

Btw, sometimes the bracket completely disappears, but I haven't been able to make a small example with that.

quartertriplet = { \set tupletSpannerDuration = #(ly:make-moment 1 4) }
\relative { \time 3/4 \clef treble \key g \minor
\relative c'' {
\times 2/3 { r8 a r a r4} r4 | r8 g r g r4 |
\times 2/3 { r8 a r a r4} r4 | r8 bes r bes r4 |
\times 2/3 { r8 c r c r4} r4 | r8 bes r bes r4 |
\times 2/3 { r8 a r a r a} r8 a | r4. g |
\version "2.9.27"

Same output with 2.9.something and 2.10.


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