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Re: No space with lyric tie

From: Arvid Grøtting
Subject: Re: No space with lyric tie
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 11:05:28 +0000 (UTC)
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Eduardo Vieira <vieira.eduardo <at> click21.com.br> writes:

> Well, I think the lyric tie shouldn't touch the vowel, too. That is it would 
> be
> good if the tip of the tie would be lowered a tid bit.
> It looks like that the example you provided shows that the tie is shifted more
> to the right in one case and more to the left in another case.

That's just me adding spaces in different places, so that's to be expected.

With 2.8.1, an undertie character would be placed mostly below the preceding
character, with its right-hand tip on the right-hand side of the space.

With 2.10.0, the examples in the manual and regression tests have a small
space centered above the tie, exactly as I would expect.  The results I get
differ from that in that there is no space at all.

I don't see the undertie touching the vowels, however.  What's going on?
Are we all getting different results here?

Anyway, I have a workaround and no more music with underties in the pipeline
right now.  I just thought I'd report what looked like a bug to me.



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