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Multirest problem

From: Tim Allman
Subject: Multirest problem
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 16:32:55 +0000 (UTC)
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After having used multirests many times in the past I have now stumbled over a  
problem. Taking an example from the manual and storing it as HornPart.ly ... 
\version "2.10.0"  
hornNotes = \relative c {  
  \time 2/4  
  \set Score.skipBars = ##f  
  r2*3 r4 f8 a cis4 f e d  
\header {  
  instrument = "Horn in F"  
  \set Score.skipBars = ##t  
  \transpose f c' \hornNotes  
If Score.skipBars is ##f as above, the line starts with a bar containing a  
half rest followed by two empty bars. The following bars with notes are  
correct. If Score.skipBars is ##t, the line starts with a half rest and the  
empty bars disappear.  
I am running FreeBSD 6.1. The output from lilypond follows.  
lilypond  HornPart.ly  
GNU LilyPond 2.10.0  
Processing `HornPart.ly'  
Interpreting music... [4]  
Preprocessing graphical objects...  
Layout output to `HornPart.ps'...  
Converting to `HornPart.pdf'...  
Compilation finished at Mon Nov 20 11:32:57  

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