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Melismata Terminate Early

From: Will Oram
Subject: Melismata Terminate Early
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007 16:55:49 -0500

Rests embedded within melismata cause extender lines to terminate at the point of rest. An example is below; it's rather complex (it's real music, albeit truncated for reporting), but the point demonstrated is simple. Running off 2.11.x, Mac OS X.

\include "english.ly"

theVoice = \relative f' {
        \clef "treble"
        \key bflat \major
        \time 6/8
                a[( bflat]) g f16[
                a8 c e16]~                                                      
        e[ f8 e16 d c] bflat8[~ bflat32 c a bflat] g[ a f g]                    
        e8 r16 g32[ a] bflat[ c bflat c] bflat8[ a]

theVoiceLyrics = \lyricmode {
        Wun -- den Heil, __

\score {
        \new Staff <<
                \context Voice = "theVoice" { \theVoice }
                \lyricsto theVoice \new Lyrics \theVoiceLyrics

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