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Re: Wrong position of barnumbers and marks

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: Wrong position of barnumbers and marks
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 23:40:02 -0700
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Thomas Frank wrote:
This is new in 2.11.15: Barnumbers and marks are put higher than the highest
note in a line...
or higher than any markup on the line! I really makes ugly spacing in scores.

Paul Scott

\version "2.11.15"
\include "english.ly"

\header {
 title    = "Rehearsal Mark Test"
bsaxa = \relative c' {
 a'1 b c d e
 d2--(\mp a--) \time 2/4 e'4(\< es\! fs2.)\> r4\!
 d2( ds e\< es\! \mark "test" cs) cs4^^ cs^^
     \line{ \bold "Bold text" } \line{ "normal text" } }
 c1 c c
\book {
 \score {
     \set Score.skipBars = ##t
     \override Score.MultiMeasureRest   #'expand-limit = #1
     \new Staff <<
   \new Voice = "one" {
     << \bsaxa >>

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