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Re: Seg fault with 2.11.16

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: Seg fault with 2.11.16
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 09:57:23 -0700
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Joe Neeman wrote:
On 2/6/07, Paul Scott <address@hidden> wrote:
Paul Scott wrote:
> 2.11.16 gives the following error on code that worked on
> This happens on both x86 and Mac OS X (Mac doesn't segfault but gives
> the same error message.  I'm sorry I don't have enough time to give a
> short piece of code at the moment.  I need to get some parts out and
> learn the music for two shows and have gone back to 2.11.15-1.
I could either send a failing example (not huge but not tiny either)
with three included files to Han-Wen privately or maybe someone could
remind me how to get useful debugging information either on Linux or Mac.

Could you send the files to me instead? It's probably my bug anyway.
Will do.  Later today.


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