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Re: 2.11.15 debug help / detached beam

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: 2.11.15 debug help / detached beam
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 14:22:35 -0800
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Ah, ok.  I added the tuplet bracket problem as

Please only report one issue per email. For the --png thing, what operating system are you using?

- Graham

Jay Anderson wrote:
Hmm... I was using 2.11.15-1 on Fedora Core 6. With 2.11.15-2 I get
the same result (along with the pdf generation problem others have
reported). I was unclear with what I said. When I compile the complete
file, I get a segfault. When I skip the typesetting of those measures
I don't get the segfault. When I pulled them out and typeset them
alone I also didn't get a segfault, but I saw weird beaming behavior.
So I'm thinking that's the root cause. Attached is a picture generated
with 2.11.15-2. Thanks for the help!


Note: I couldn't get --png to work:

Converting to PNG...GPL Ghostscript SVN PRE-RELEASE 8.56: Can't find
initialization file gs_init.ps.
GS exited with status: 256

On 2/2/07, Graham Percival <address@hidden> wrote:
Jay Anderson wrote:
> I'm getting this in a file that used to compile pre 2.11.15:
> Preprocessing graphical objects...
> programming error: no skylines for alignment-child
> continuing, cross fingers
> Segmentation fault

I can't reproduce this in 2.11.15-2 on OSX.  What version and OS are you

 > Here's as short as I could get it:

Thanks; it's ok if a segfault report is a bit longer than other bug
reports.  This example would be fine if it didn't work.  (are you sure
you pasted the right example in your message?)

- Graham


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