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Re: Text Spanners broken in 2.11.17

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: Text Spanners broken in 2.11.17
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 17:27:08 -0600

On 2/11/07, Jay Anderson <address@hidden> wrote:
The examples in section "8.1.3 Text spanners" in the 2.11.17 manual are broken.
The text is missing from the spanners. Is there a new way to do this or is this
a regression? I haven't seen this mentioned yet on this list or in the bug
database. Thanks!

Hi Jay,

8.1.3 "Text spanners" is behind a change made in 2.11.15. Running
convert-ly shows that edge-text  is now dead. Clicking on the example
for line spanners in the 2.11 NEWS file shows a new syntax like this

\override Glissando #'bound-details #'right #'text = \markup {
\hcenter \bold down }

... which works for text spanners, too.

Two overrides now instead of one (if you're wanting to override edge
text at both the left and right of the spanner). But the upside is
that padding and positioning of left and right edges of spanners can
now be set completely independently.

Trevor Bača

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