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Rehearsal mark appears on wrong staff

From: Daniel Johnson
Subject: Rehearsal mark appears on wrong staff
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 14:49:22 -0800 (PST)
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When using absolute spacing and moving the Mark_engraver from the Score
context to the Staff context (as described in section 8.1.4 of the Fine
Manual), the mark is applied to the wrong staff.  In the following
example, the rehearsal mark should appear on the lower staff, but in the
2.11.17 version it appears above the upper staff instead (see page 2 of
the output).  If I add additional staves to the system, their marks are
correct; but the mark on the first staff containing a mark is always moved
to staff 1.

%%%%% BEGIN

\version "2.11.17"

spaceWide = {
  \overrideProperty #"Score.NonMusicalPaperColumn"
  #'((alignment-offsets . ( 0 -40 -80 )))

\score {
    \new Staff { \spaceWide c''1 | \break \spaceWide c''1 | c''1 | \break
\spaceWide c''1 | }
    \new Staff \with { \consists Mark_engraver } { g' | g'\mark "lower
staff" | g' | g' | }
  \layout { \context { \Score \remove Mark_engraver } }

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