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Re: warning: Can't fit systems on page -- ignoring between-system-paddin

From: Joe Neeman
Subject: Re: warning: Can't fit systems on page -- ignoring between-system-padding
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 10:19:38 +0200

On 2/12/07, Trevor Bača <address@hidden> wrote:

Pretty sure this is a bug, but thought I'd post to bug- first before
opening in Google.

Sometimes I build .ly files that are essentially text docs as a
sequence of \markup commands.

In versions up to the .11 dev series, what we might call "multipage
markup" files would of course break onto multiple pages if there were
enough \markup blocks to warrant so.

In the current releases a warning issues and all the text gets shoved
onto a single page, even if there's a considerable amount of text and
overprint results.

%%% BEGIN %%%

\version "2.11.17"

\markup { text. }
\markup { text. }

%%% END %%%

Sorry for the length of the example; needs length to show up.

Bug? Or new behavior? (If the latter, what's the right way to set a page

Bug. It also raises the problem of how to force or forbid a page break
between markup blocks. The backend supports it, but we don't have a
way to actually specify it in the input file.

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