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Path names including [space] character not accepted

From: Marcus
Subject: Path names including [space] character not accepted
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 17:22:22 +0000 (UTC)
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lilpond v2.6.3 on ubuntu Edgy Eft.

I created a folder "My Music" and moved my .ly files there. Then I started jEdit
with the lilypond plugin, opened one of the files and let it process. Lilypond
output reads as follows... It can be seen that the recognized path name stops at
the [space] character, and the whole rest is interpreted as the file name.

Perhaps sb. can cross-check with newer versions?

LilyPond ready.
%lilypond %args /home/privat/priv/Musik/Lilypond/My Music/hoffnung.ly
warning: can't find file: `/home/privat/priv/Musik/Lilypond/My'
warning: can't find file: `Music/hoffnung.ly'
error: failed files: "Music/hoffnung.ly /home/privat/priv/Musik/Lilypond/My"
Processing time: 1 seconds

Then I changed the folder name to be "MyMusic" and it worked out correctly.


LilyPond ready.
%lilypond %args /home/privat/priv/Musik/Lilypond/MyMusic/hoffnung.ly
Processing `/home/privat/priv/Musik/Lilypond/MyMusic/hoffnung.ly'
Interpreting music... [8]
Preprocessing graphical objects... 
Calculating line breaks... [3][6][8]
Interpreting music... [8][16][24]


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