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Issue 298 in project lilypond

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 298 in project lilypond
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 19:58:44 -0800

Issue 298: ties, polyphonic, articulation collision

New issue report by gpermus:
Steve D posted a long email that pertains to ties between single and
multiple voice sections of notation of polyphonic instruments:

He later wrote:
- From my point of view, the bug, if there is a bug besides the fact
that the tie is not visible because it is so short, is that the tie
stops short of an accidental symbol that is *not* associated with the
note being tied, and in addition, that note happens to be the top (or
bottom) note of a chord.

It seems to me that, ideally, when either the top or bottom note of a
chord is tied, the tie should extend from notehead to notehead, or from
the first notehead to an accidental (if there is one) preceding the
second notehead, *if* and only if that accidental belongs to the note
being tied instead of another note in close proximity (another note that
is perhaps an interval of a second or third from the note being tied).
Otherwise, if it is a top or bottom note of a chord, the tie should
(again, merely from my current perspective) arc over (or under) the
accidental symbol of another note in order to nearly connect to the
notehead of the note that is being tied. (if that makes any sense)  :-) 

I can imagine cases where the current behavior of LilyPond (2.11.13 in
this case) would seem appropriate, *if* the tie is between two notes
that are *not* at the top or bottom of a chord.

Issue attributes:
        Status: Accepted
        Owner: gpermus
        Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Low Engraving-nitpick

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