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From: Cameron Horsburgh
Subject: Segfault
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 20:41:11 +1100
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.13 (2006-08-11)

Hi folks,

The following file, which comes to you courtesy of the LilyPond
Snippet Repository, segfaults when compiled with 2.10.16:

\version "2.10.12"

\header { texidoc = "
<p>In this preliminary test of a modern score, the staff lines are washed
out temporarily. This is done by making a tuned <code>StaffContainer</code>,
which <code>\skip</code>s some notes without printing lines either and
creates a <code>\new Staff</code> then in order to create the lines again.
(Be careful if you use this; it has been done by splitting the
grouping <code>Axis_group_engraver</code> and creating functionality into 
separate contexts, but the clefs and time signatures may not do
what you would expect.)

" }

\score  {
     \relative c'' <<
        \new StaffContainer {

            %% need << >>, otherwise we descend to the voice inside SA  
            << \new Staff { c4 c4 } >>
            \skip 4  % s4 would create staff.
            << \new Staff { b4 b4 } >> 
        \new StaffContainer {
            \skip 4
            << \context Staff { e d f \bar ":|" } >>
            \skip 4

    \layout {
        \context {
            \accepts StaffContainer
            \denies Staff
        \context {
            \type Engraver_group_engraver
            \consists Clef_engraver
            \consists Time_signature_engraver
            \consists Separating_line_group_engraver
            \consists "Axis_group_engraver"
            \accepts "Staff"
            \name StaffContainer
        \context {
            \remove Axis_group_engraver
            \remove Separating_line_group_engraver
            \remove Clef_engraver
            \remove Time_signature_engraver


Cameron Horsburgh


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