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Re: [meta] how to fix wrong status in bug database

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: [meta] how to fix wrong status in bug database
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 03:09:07 -0800
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Arvid Gr√łtting wrote:
if a bug has been too hastily marked as a duplicate in the bug database, how
does it get its status changed?

Han-Wen or I change it when we re-evaluate the bugs.

Do I re-report the bug? Nag someone in private email? Give up on that bug? Give up on bug reporting altogether?

It's been five days.  Please have patience.

When I work on lilypond stuff, I process (in order)
1. urgent-looking emails.
2. emails in reply to my queries.
3. doc additions
4. new minimal bug reports
5. more info about bugs
6. verify `fixed' claims
7. write new docs

I had an exam last Friday, and I'm currently visiting my family in another city. I'm currently stuck at #2, and expect to remain there for another week. Han-Wen is in the middle of moving to a new continent to start a new job.

- Graham

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