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Re: Chordmode breaks in 2.10 and 2.11

From: Brett Duncan
Subject: Re: Chordmode breaks in 2.10 and 2.11
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 20:05:27 +1100
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Graham Percival wrote:
Brett Duncan wrote:
I don't have a ~/.fonts, but there is an XML doc:  ~/.fonts.conf

I do have a ~/.fontconfig - a folder with some 28 files in it, and there is also a ~/.fonts.cache-1

Two possible ideas:
- Try removing (or renaming) those files and running lilypond again.

- create a ~/.fonts, and add symlinks inside that dir to everything in a particular directory inside the lilypond installation. On my system, my links (emmentaler-26.otf, CenturyFooBar.otf, etc) look like this:


Hi Graham,

tried both, but to no avail.

I'm leaning towards the idea that this is some obscure problem with Ghostscript - there are a few entries in the Ghostscript Bug Tracker that mention similar problems with \invalidfont. I think I'll make some enquiries in that direction and see what turns up.

Thanks again for your help.


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