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Issue 160 in project lilypond

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 160 in project lilypond
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 00:32:35 -0800

Issue 160: keep-inside-line fails with \markup

Comment #3 by lemzwerg:
Well, keep-inside-line fails with the following example.
I've changed the subject line accordingly.

\version "2.11.19"

\header { texidoc = "
  The @code{keep-inside-line} property should handle all sort of
text scripts.
Here is a counterexample.
" }

\relative {
\override Score.PaperColumn #'keep-inside-line = ##t
  c4^\markup { \italic "sempre non legato" } c c c

\paper {
  ragged-right = ##t


Issue attribute updates:
        Summary: keep-inside-line fails with \markup
        Status: Accepted

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