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Re: First Word in Karaoke; Verses

From: Mark Dewey
Subject: Re: First Word in Karaoke; Verses
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 19:31:22 -0700
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I suspect it may have something to do with my karaoke player not yet supporting UTF-8 encoding. VanBasco's karaoke player comes with some examples karaoke midis. Here's the website: <http://www.vanbasco.com/>. It's a nice karaoke player, though, except for the first word thing with Lilypond midis, and that it doesn't support UTF-8 encoding (there's a workaround for the midis, sort of: Just append the first word to the second word, with an underscore, as in "first first_second"; however, it'll highlight the first and the second at the same time, but at least you'll see what it is).

For the lyrics, I was talking about how it only plays one verse (seeing as there's only music enough for one verse) - the verse that plays, though, is what I meant; it seems to be routinely something like the second or the fourth verse that plays, usually, though I'd prefer the first. Hmm, is there a player out there that will play all the verses even if you only input the music in the midi once? Maybe it would help if I had another karaoke player to experiment with. What are some good ones for LilyPond midis (preferably small midi programs that support UTF-8 encoding, key changes, tempo changes, and such - but, any should be good)? Let me see if it works that way for Winamp . . . Hmm - it's worse on Winamp; there aren't any spaces and the highlighting doesn't come in for at least a sentence (but it does show the first word) - and it doesn't follow the lyrics when they pass the page (but that's probably just the karaoke plug-in's thing).

Mats Bengtsson wrote:
I don't know much about MIDI, so hopefully somebody else
can fill in more details. However, I just verified that all
words are included in the generated MIDI file and the first
word starts at time index zero.
It might help to figure out what the problem is if you could
find some other MIDI file where the first word does show up.

For the verse ordering, it seems that the verses appear in the
same order in the MIDI file as in the printed output. The question
is how your Karaoke player determines which one to play first.

One of the few things I have learned about MIDI over the years
is that it's far from standardized, so something that works for
one particular sequencer may not work on another.


Mark Dewey wrote:
I've noticed that when I use LilyPond midis as karaoke,
they skip the first word (at least in VanBasco's
Karaoke Player - that's generally all I use for midis,
other than Anvil Studio).  This appears to happen with
every version of LilyPond I've used for a really long
time.  I'm currently using 2.11.18 on Windows 2000.
Also (just a side-note, and perhaps not a bug:), it
seems the first verse isn't the chosen one for karaoke
most of the time (I'm not sure how the verse used is
determined when there are multiple verses on the same
music, but it would be nice to choose it; perhaps
there's a way already).

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