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Tuplet bracket sometimes not printed

From: Tuukka Verho
Subject: Tuplet bracket sometimes not printed
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 12:10:37 +0300
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HI all,

Lilypond 2.11.28 seems to omit the tuplet bracket if the horizontal space 
taken by the tuplet is very small. This can happen if the tuplet consists of 
an eight rest and a quarter note with the stem down. A minimal example is 
shown below. There are three very similar tuplets, the first and the last of 
which are printed correctly. The middle one, however, has a quarter note with 
the stem down and the bracket is missing.

\version "2.11.28"

% If ragged-right = ##f, the music is spaced more broadly and the bug 
% doesn't  occur.

\paper {
        ragged-right = ##t

% The bracket for the middle tuplet won't be printed

\relative c' {
        \times 2/3 {r8 c4} \times 2/3 {r8 c'4} \times 2/3 {r8 c c}

Kind regards,
Tuukka Verho

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