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OttavaBracket dash-period bug?

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: OttavaBracket dash-period bug?
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 12:23:23 +0200

> Hello everybody,

I stumble upon many bugs these days (because I'm using LilyPond for my
full time job), so I just subscribed to the bug- list. Please tell me
if this isn't appropriate.

Now for my daily bug report:

In the following example, when you set dash-period to 0.2 it works
fine, but when you set it to 0.1 it makes the compilation abort
("Parsed object should be dead", etc.)

And even if you set it to 0.2 (which should normally work), if you add
any dash-fraction tweak, it crashes the compilation.

\version "2.11.27"
\include "italiano.ly"
\new Staff {

%% set the following line to 0.1 to create the bug
\override Staff.OttavaBracket #'dash-period = #0.2

%% uncomment the following line to create the bug
%\override Score.OttavaBracket #'dash-fraction = #1

\relative {
                #(set-octavation 1)
                re''4 <la' re> sold8 mi re4 | mi8 re' la sold r mi <sold re'>4 |


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