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Issue 433 in lilypond: 2.11.30 segmentation fault

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 433 in lilypond: 2.11.30 segmentation fault
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 01:50:07 -0700

Issue 433: 2.11.30 segmentation fault

Comment #1 by aurelien.bello:

I got the same problem with a large file (more of 600 bars of hard-coded music) 
using 2.11.32. After a while
computing the programm gives up. In verbose mode I got "segmentation fault" as 
last message.
The problem does not appear if I use 2.11.28.
Maybe it will help to go back to this version...
The piece I'm writing is a large orchestral piece. I join you 3 files :
"common.ly", which I use to store variables for all pieces ;
"basson.ly", the bassoon part, which works fine with 2.11.32
"alto.ly", using the same "common.ly" canvas, but giving a crash with 2.11.32 
and working fine with version
until 2.11.28.
I use mac os 10.4. on an Intel machine.

Best regards,

Aurélien Bello

        common.ly  7.9 KB 
        alto.ly  14.3 KB 
        basson.ly  5.6 KB 

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