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Issue 391 in lilypond: using relative filepath in \include "foo.ly"

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 391 in lilypond: using relative filepath in \include "foo.ly"
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2007 13:27:08 -0700

Issue 391: using relative filepath in \include "foo.ly"

Comment #5 by mlewissmith:
What do you mean about the nonstandard behaviour cf C preprocessor?
From `info cpp':
`#include "FILE"'
    This variant is used for header files of your own program.  It
    searches for a file named FILE first in the directory containing
    the current file, then in the same directories used for `<FILE>'.

so that the following set of nested includes will expand correctly:
==> ./include.h <==
// include.h
#include "./include1/include1.h"

==> ./include1/include1.h <==
// include1.h
#include "./include2/include2.h"

==> ./include1/include2/include2.h <==
// include2.h
#include "./include3/include3.h"

==> ./include1/include2/include3/include3.h <==
// include3.h

$ cpp -CC ./include.h
# 1 "include.h"
# 1 "<built-in>"
# 1 "<command line>"
# 1 "include.h"
// include.h
# 1 "./include1/include1.h" 1
// include1.h
# 1 "./include1/./include2/include2.h" 1
// include2.h
# 1 "./include1/./include2/./include3/include3.h" 1
// include3.h
# 3 "./include1/./include2/include2.h" 2
# 3 "./include1/include1.h" 2
# 3 "include.h" 2

I presume that the Lilypond's include mechanism equates with CPP in the following manner:
#include <FILE>        <==>  \include "FILE"
#include "FILE"        <==>  no equivalent

or perhaps it (lilypond) is doing a depth-first search when it could (should?) be
doing depth-last

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