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Re: Issue 489 in lilypond: beaming weirdness in 25/16

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Issue 489 in lilypond: beaming weirdness in 25/16
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 14:17:35 +0200

On 9 Oct 2007, at 00:46, address@hidden wrote:

Issue 489: beaming weirdness in 25/16

Comment #2 by gpermus:
Possible dupe of 11 ? It's not in a triplet, but it's the same kind of beamlet issue.

Yes, I think these may be related. Also see the post 1 October 2007 by <address@hidden> in the LilyPond User mailing list, "odd beaming in tuplets", where it happens for quintuplets.

I thought it might not be possible to resolve it for all cases, as strictly speaking, the beaming is also a suggestion of a musical logical structure, that may be communicated by accents in some cases. For example, in issue 11, the beaming suggests that the triplet is divided into two equal parts, which may be possible, but not the normal thing. For n-tuplets, it may depend on the intended musical context. The situation is then similar to that of complex meters. [For example, Hindemith, "Elementary Training for Musicians", p. 166b, advices against writing out quadruplets as a series of dotted notes, as it destroys the musical logical structure. I think therefore that this logical structure maybe must also be used to achieve correct beaming, too. Perhaps LilyPond just translates it into fraction values first, and then does the beaming, or something.]

So perhaps a general mechanism, with a good, easy to use user interface, is needed.

  Hans Ã…berg

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