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Re: Flat trills don't work in Lilypond 2.11

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Flat trills don't work in Lilypond 2.11
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 09:33:49 +0200
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If you change the first line of your file to
\version "2.11.0"
and use convert-ly to update the file syntax, you will get a pretty informative message about this syntax change and what you have to do about it (even though convert-ly unfortunately isn't clever enough to do the change automatically).

Read at the end of this email if you cannot figure it out yourself.


Graham Percival wrote:
I believe that the syntax of #'edge-text changed, but I can't see an entry in the NEWS file for this. Still, try recreated this tweak using the 2.11 docs on Text spanners. (or possible the "Text and line spanners" docs)

- Graham

Mark Nixon wrote:
I'm not top posting.

%% the standard solution for producing flat trills (which works in 2.10.33) no longer works in 2.11 (seen in versions 2.11.14 + but also present in 2.11.34

\version "2.11.34"
\paper{ ragged-right=##t }

trillFlat = \markup { \musicglyph #"scripts.trill" \super \flat }

\relative c''' {
   \override TrillSpanner #'edge-text = #(cons trillFlat "" )
   a'1 ( \startTrillSpan |
   a2 ) \stopTrillSpan  a2 |

The syntax to use in version 2.11.15 or later is:
  \override TextSpanner #'bound-details #'left #'text = \trillFlat

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