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Broken beams in subdivided triplets

From: Matthew
Subject: Broken beams in subdivided triplets
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 12:49:19 +0000 (UTC)
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The following output produces correct output in bars 1 & 3.

Bar 2 has a broken 3rd beam that should connect the two c32 notes in the middle
of the triplet.

The beam is split, with the first group having both portions of the beam
pointing left, and the second group pointing right.

\version "2.10.25"                    

\relative c' {  
        \time 1/4
        \times 2/3 {c32 c c16 c} \times 2/3 {c32 c c16 c}       %bar 1
        \times 2/3 {c16 c32 c c16} \times 2/3 {c16 c32 c c16}   %bar 2
        \times 2/3 {c16 c c32 c} \times 2/3 {c16 c c32 c}       %bar 3

The desired behaviour is to have the beams in bar 2 identical to those in bars 1
and 3.

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