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Issue 602 in lilypond: Feature request: better support for Sacred Harp

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 602 in lilypond: Feature request: better support for Sacred Harp notation
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 22:33:36 -0700

Issue 602: Feature request: better support for Sacred Harp notation

New issue report by v.villenave:
% This feature request was made by Adrian Mariano on the bug list
% on April 9th 2008. Support for this notation is already "very good"
% (his words), but several improvements could be made.

1. The command \sacredHarpHeads gives the wrong shapes when the key is
minor.  In the major, the tonic is a triangle and then proceeding up the
scale you have circle, square, triangle, circle, square, diamond.  In the
minor, you assign the shapes to keep the same interval relationships, e.g.
you assign them for the relative major.  (This means that the scale in the
minor gives the tonic a square.)

One simple fix would be to supply two commands, \sacredHarpHeadsMinor and
\sacredHarpHeadsMajor.  It might be possible to improve the single
\sacredHarpHeads command instead, but there is a complication: Dorian mode
melodies are still given the shapes for the Aeolian mode (tonic is square).

2. Whole notes look funny.  The problem is that they are stretched out
horizontally, which makes the triangles look too sharp and pointy, the
squares look strangely skinny, etc.  The regular whole note is wider than
the half note head; whole notes should look exactly like stemless half notes.

3. The font for the square and triangular notes could be more elegant.
Horizontal lines should be slightly thicker than non-horizontal lines: this
helps them stand out against the horizontal staff lines.  Similarly, round
notes should not be drawn with a uniform line width circle, but with a
tapering line, and diamond note heads should also have a varying weight on
their lines.

Attached are some examples provided by Adrian.

        fullpage.jpg  120 KB
        closeup.jpg  1.2 MB
        newpoland.pdf  67.0 KB
        newpoland.ly  1.5 KB

Issue attributes:
        Status: Accepted
        Owner: v.villenave
        Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Postponed Engraving-nitpick

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