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Re: Documentation won't build

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: Documentation won't build
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 19:47:55 +0300
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this was an empty node in this file, I removed it recently.
Actually I get always the completed docs when reissuing the build command another time. I know this is not a clean solution, but it works. Another option would be not to include the translated documentation into the build, since this is where these kinds of errors occur sometimes.

Till (for the German translation of the docs)

Pietro Cerutti schrieb:

I'm the maintainer of lilypond on FreeBSD. I've been trying to update from
2.11.59 to 2.11.60, 2.11.61 and now 2.11.62.

I always encounter the same problem when trying to build the documentation.
Here's a snip from the make log. Any help is appreciated.

mkdir -p out-www/lilypond-learning/ LANG= /usr/local/bin/makeinfo --force --enable-encoding -I lilypond-2.11.62/Documentation/user -I lilypond-2.11.62/Documentation/user/./out-www -P ./out-www --output=./out-www/lilypond-learning --css-include=lilypond-2.11.62/Documentation/texinfo.css --html out-www/lilypond-learning.texi lilypond-2.11.62/Documentation/de/user/out-www//tweaks.texi:4586: Prev reference to nonexistent node `Common tweaks' (perhaps incorrect sectioning?). lilypond-2.11.62/Documentation/de/user/out-www//tweaks.texi:3118: Next reference to nonexistent node `Common tweaks' (perhaps incorrect sectioning?). lilypond-2.11.62/Documentation/de/user/out-www//tweaks.texi:26: Menu reference to nonexistent node `Common tweaks' (perhaps incorrect sectioning?). gmake[4]: *** [out-www/lilypond-learning/index.html] Error 1 gmake[4]: Leaving directory `lilypond-2.11.62/Documentation/de/user' gmake[3]: *** [WWW-2] Error 2 gmake[3]: Leaving directory `lilypond-2.11.62/Documentation/de' gmake[2]: *** [WWW-2] Error 2 gmake[2]: Leaving directory `lilypond-2.11.62/Documentation' gmake[1]: *** [WWW-2] Error 2 gmake[1]: Leaving directory `lilypond-2.11.62' gmake: *** [web] Error 2 *** Error code 2

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