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Re: vertical spacing issues v2.11.59

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: vertical spacing issues v2.11.59
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 12:04:25 +0200

2008/10/15 Didi Kanjahn <address@hidden>:
> The vertical spacing of Lilypond works amzingly well when you have only one 
> set
> of scores and use the Title/Subtitle headers.


> However, when I moved to using markup text instead of using the header, 
> Lilypond
> often does not succeed to use the vertical space vcery well. Even if the 
> markup
> text is less high than the headers were, it does not fit all the score onto 
> the
> same piece of paper any more and often leaves large spaces between the text 
> and
> the next staff. Using between-system-padding and between-system-space helps
> some, but does not distribute space evenly and proportionally with the values
> entered there. A between-system-padding = 1.7 may still leave 4cm of space 
> below
> the staves and may not give a decent space between staves and lyrics, a 
> setting
> of 1.8 brings one staff on the next page. Between-system-space increases the
> space where there is only one line of lyrics (chorus), but not where there are
> multiple, thus not distributing it evenly and again, small increases may 
> cause a
> staff to jump to the next page.

Personnally, I'd recommend *not* to set between-system-space and

> When using markup text for titles etc to combine several pieces of music in 
> one
> file the last one gets split up onto two pages almost regardless of its size. 
> If
> in this situation there was still 5cm of room on the bottom of the page (not 
> the
> last page) and I add a bottom-margin of 1.5cm Lilypond decides that there is 
> not
> enough room on the page anymore and moves all the staves onto the next page.

This is because LilyPond does not have enough place to:
 -print a new system and the lyrics
 -*and* respect your bottom-margin
 -*and* respect your between-system-space.

Setting bottom-margin can dramatically influence the number of pages:
in the example below, a value of 4\cm prints three pages instead of


\paper {
  bottom-margin = 5\cm % try with 4\cm
  annotate-spacing = ##t

notes = { f1 }
\addlyrics { blah }
\addlyrics { blah }

music = <<
\new Staff \notes
\new Staff \notes
\new Staff \notes
\new Staff \notes

\book {
  \score { %1
  \score { %2
  \score { %3

> With the Cambodian script fonts that I use, Title and Subtitle of the headers
> often have zero vertical spacing (line gap) and can touch, but I have not 
> found
> how I can increase this spacing by a little. All spacing commands and tweaks
> seem to apply only to staves and text within a score.

I think this is a bug, I'll file a report. It's the same no matter
what font is used.

See a possible solution below.

> How can I generally increase the linespacing between two lines of markup 
> outside
> the staves without adding a new line?

You can include an empty element in your markup:

\markup {
  \column {
    \null %% This adds an empty element above the text.
    \fontsize #7  {Your text}


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