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Issue 556 in lilypond: fingeringOrientations affects cross-voices arpeg

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 556 in lilypond: fingeringOrientations affects cross-voices arpeggio
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 04:03:50 -0700

Issue 556: fingeringOrientations affects cross-voices arpeggio

Comment #1 by v.villenave:
A new example from Jonathan:

% setting fingering Orientations to "left also triggers a bug.

\version "2.11.62"

melody = \relative c'' {
  \set fingeringOrientations = #'(left)
  <g-0 c-1>2\arpeggio
  \set fingeringOrientations = #'(right)
  <g-0 c-1>\arpeggio
 \set fingeringOrientations = #'(up)
  <g-0 c-1>1\arpeggio

bass = \relative c' {
 \set fingeringOrientations = #'(left)
 \set fingeringOrientations = #'(right)
 \set fingeringOrientations = #'(down)

\score {
   \context Staff \with {
       \consists "Span_arpeggio_engraver"
       \set Staff.connectArpeggios = ##t
       \context Voice = "melody" { \melody }
       \context Voice = "bass"   { \bass   }

        arpeggio-fingering-prob.png  2.7 KB

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