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Issue 698 in lilypond: Windows users should be offered a better first im

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 698 in lilypond: Windows users should be offered a better first impression
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 03:53:58 -0700

Issue 698: Windows users should be offered a better first impression

New issue report by v.villenave:
The Windows installation launches the lilypad editor when clicking on
the LilyPond desktop icon or in the Start menu. This is what new users
are going to do, undoubtedly.

Here are some ideas to make them feel more comfortable from the first time
they give LilyPond a try.


- this editor should "look" more specific: currently it looks too much like
the Windows NotePad, and tends to make users think the file is just some
kind of "ReadMe".

- this editor lacks some features, such as find&replace, syntax
highlighting, etc. See

- This editor could be better configured:
  - save as UTF-8 by default
  - preserve the original filename when users want to save the example file
(e.g. Welcome_to_LilyPond.ly); otherwise the given directions make no sense.


- The example file should be updated:
   - as said above, it should say `Save this file on the Desktop with
the name test.ly', and then `open test.pdf' or whatever, in a more
"filename-agnostic" way.
   - the input itself has a deprecated syntax: \relative lacks a reference
   - the \version statement still reads 2.10.0.

- Ideally, the example file should be automatically generated:
   - the \version statement should be internally generated by a @VERSION@
- the example file should be localized accordingly to the user's language.

Some of these ideas have been raised on the list (by Francisco, Bertalan,
myself etc.) for a few years. I am willing to work on some of these
features personally as soon as I have some time, but any help would be
I am willing to give a €200 bounty for the LilyPad editor improvements, and
many users out there would certainly be glad to give more.

Issue attributes:
        Status: Accepted
        Owner: v.villenave
        Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Postponed OpSys-Windows Bounty

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