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Re: can I put a bounty on a bug?

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: Re: can I put a bounty on a bug?
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 00:57:02 -0700 (PDT)

Hey everyone.

Saw this conversation just now. It's something I've been confused about 
for a while. Anyway, I went to the library and checked out "Music Notation
in the Twentieth Century: A Practical Guidebook" by Kurt Stone, which 
devotes one (highly informative) page to the topic. I thought I would 
clarify some things just in case there was any confusion --- I think the
engraving rules are slightly more involved than I've seen mentioned both
here in this discussion and in the tracker.

I've also included an example that demonstrates the maximum line-break
elements (clefs, key signatures and time signatures at both the end of the
first line AND the beginning of the second line).

If anyone wants to incorporate this to the (already crowded?) issue 427,
feel free to do so. Maybe it would help to clarify things.

According to Kurt Stone: ties and slurs (including phrasing slurs) at the 
end of a line "should stop just before the clef" if there is one; otherwise, 
"neither slurs nor ties should extend beyond the barline." Ties and slurs at
the beginning of a line should begin just after the time signature if there
is one; just after the key signature if there is no time signature; just 
after the clef if there is neither key nor time signature.

Thus, in the following example, there are at least 6 errors with LilyPond's 

end of first line:
1. phrasing slur does not stop just before the clef
2. slur does not stop just before the clef
3. tie is so small, it looks like a dot

beginning of next line:
4. slur does not start just after the time signature
5. phrasing slur intersects slur
6. phrasing slur is unnaturally tall

And for my own 2 cents: it's my understanding that there should be a small
amount of space between the last of the front matter and the beginning of
the slurs/ties. In my example, the slurs/ties are all above the staff, so
this issue is less apparent. But when the slurs/ties are in the middle of 
the staff, they usually touch the front matter with no space in between.

Thanks for everyone's continued commitment.
- Mark

\version "2.11.62-1"
\paper { 
\relative {
  \slurUp \phrasingSlurUp \tieUp
  \key f \major f\( e d( c~ 
  \clef bass \key g \major \time 2/2 c b) a g\)


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