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Bug in Piano Pedal instructions

From: Christopher
Subject: Bug in Piano Pedal instructions
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 16:48:07 +0000 (UTC)
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I work with Lilypond 2.10.33 ( Ubuntu Linux ) and found a bug in the piano pedal

If you have a chord where one note is printed on the left of the stem, the pedal
sign is aligned under this note and not under the stem.

Here is a little example :

\version "2.10.33"

        \set Staff.pedalSustainStyle = #'bracket
        \time 3/4 \key f \major \clef bass
        <c' bes e>\sustainDown
        <c' bes e>\sustainUp \sustainDown
        <c' bes e>\sustainUp    

I tried to solve the problem with combinations of

\override Staff.PianoPedalBracket #'side-position = 1 ( or 0,-1)
\override Staff.PianoPedalBracket #'direction = #CENTER ( or #LEFT,#RIGHT)

but this did not help.

Maybe I did something wrong ?
Maybe it is a bug ? 
I don't know.

Kind regards,

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