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samples not complete

From: Heinz Widmer
Subject: samples not complete
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 14:00:08 +0100
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I'd like to inform you about things that I think improveable in the Documentation of Lilypond.
The first one is the only important one, but I add also the other points.

1. The Examples (Samples) are not complete. For example the horn Konzert Nr. 3 in Es Dur is not complete. There is only a main file, but the four included files are missing. So it's not possible to verify these pieces. I'd like to use this layout for another (similar) piece that I'd like to transpose, but like this it's more difficult to use it as a start.

2. there seems to be a confusion with Versions in these Files

3. It's not "perfectly nice" if you click on a link called Examples and you get a page called samples.

4. Make easier examples. It's nice to see and quite impressive, that you can do things like the DEMO, but I'd like to have very simple starters. I think most people that would like to start to use lilipond would appreciate, if there were many complete small start pieces present. The snipplet repositoryy is a nice idea. But I think it's not so important for most starters to know you do +++ very complicated things +++. But also small starting examples would be appreciated. I have now one, but i think it's not in the way as probably you would do it.

{ 5. I miss most a funktion that works like. "Fit this music nicely on n page(s)"}



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