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Issue 741 in lilypond: \displayLilyMusic does not properly handle \harm

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 741 in lilypond: \displayLilyMusic does not properly handle \harmonic
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 12:03:19 +0000

Status: Accepted
Owner: v.villenave
Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Low

New issue 741 by v.villenave: \displayLilyMusic does not properly handle \harmonic

\version "2.12.2"

% The following code

\displayLilyMusic \relative c'' { a\harmonic <a\harmonic> }

% produces the following output:

{ a'-\harmonic  a'-\harmonic }

% ... which is erroneous.

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