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Various SVG issues

From: Patrick McCarty
Subject: Various SVG issues
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 13:37:37 -0800

Hi Valentin,

I am currently investigating all of the improvements to be made for
the SVG backend, and here is the list of issues I have so far:


1.) The `style' attribute should not be used anywhere in an SVG
file, as it does not conform to SVG Tiny 1.2.  Instead,
presentational attributes should be used: font-family, font-style,
font-variant, font-weight, text-anchor.

2.) An incorrect font-family name is used when font families have
multiple-word names.  Adding a comma after the font-family name in
PangoFontDescription strings would simplify the regex matching
process: it would delimit the font-family from the font-style,
font-variant, etc., if included.

3.) Elements should not be grouped with <g> tags.  This requires
Inkscape users to "ungroup" elements in order to move them around,
resize them, etc.

4.) The <page> and <pageSet> elements should be disabled until
Inkscape supports them.  Possible workarounds: (a) Process only
the first page of a multiple-page score, or (b) Process a single
page indicated by a new option -dprint-page-number.

5.) LilyPond creates an ill-formed SVG file when processing
bach-schenker.ly because scm/output-svg.scm does not have a
dashed-slur stencil routine.

6.) `west' is not a valid value for the text-anchor attribute.
Valid values include the following: start, middle, end.


Can you open an issue on the bug tracker for this?  I might have more
things to add as I discover more.


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