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Issue 756 in lilypond: Enhancement: a chordChanges toggle for the Fretb

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 756 in lilypond: Enhancement: a chordChanges toggle for the Fretboard_engraver
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 09:27:21 +0000

Status: Accepted
Owner: v.villenave
Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Low

New issue 756 by v.villenave: Enhancement: a chordChanges toggle for the Fretboard_engraver

You may read Huub Stoffers' full request on

There are basically two ways to produce fret diagrams aligned with the
chord names above the lead melody staff:

1. Use a "chordNames" context for the chords names, and explicit \markup
  commands with \fret-diagram specifications attached with (^) to the
  notes on the melody staff.

2. Use a "chordNames" context for chord names, and use a "FretBoards"
  context for the diagrams. Use the same variable in which the actual
  changes are defined in both. (See my example below)

I think method 2, using the "FretBoards" context, is the better, the more
generic and flexible, way. But it still produces some undesirable redundant
in the layout because an equivalent of the "chordChanges" option in
the "chordNames" context is lacking the "FretBoards" context. To me it seems
a natural companion to the toggle for the chord names.

%%( ... )
\score {
               \new ChordNames {
                       % We want chord symbols only to appear at changes,
                       % not at every instance - stroke - that the chord
                       % is used.
                       \set chordChanges = ##t

               \new FretBoards {
                       % Like the chord names, we only want the diagram
                       % to appear only when a new one is needed because of
                       % a chord change. Unlike the chord names, this does
                       % not work! In the "internals" manual it shows that
                       % the Chord_name_engraver has this variable but the
                       % Fretboard_engraver has not :-(
                       \set chordChanges = ##t

               \new Staff {
                       \set Staff.midiInstrument = "flute"
                       \new Voice = "leadsinger" {
                               % For the alignment of lyrics to notes it is
                               % nicer to have beams only where there also
                               % is a tie for multiple notes to a syllable
                               % of text.
               \new Lyrics \lyricsto "leadsinger" \text
       \layout {}
       \midi {}
%%( ... )

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