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Issue 391 in lilypond: using relative filepath in \include "foo.ly"

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 391 in lilypond: using relative filepath in \include "foo.ly"
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 22:52:31 +0000

Comment #13 on issue 391 by address@hidden: using relative filepath in \include "foo.ly"

Just noticed this one,

No mention of the relative-includes option in 2.12 terminal output for
lilypond -dhelp.

Valentin, is this a separate issue or does it get tracked on this one?


Ian Hulin

address@hidden:~$ lilypond -dhelp
GNU LilyPond 2.12.1
Options supported by ly:set-option

anti-alias-factor (1) render at higher resolution and scale down result
                              to prevent jaggies in PNG
backend ('ps) which backend to use by default; Options: eps, null, ps
[default], scm, svg)
  check-internal-types (#f)
                              check every property assignment for types
  clip-systems (#f)           Generate cut-out snippets of a score
  datadir (/usr/share/lilypond/2.12.1)
                              LilyPond prefix for data files (Readonly).
  debug-gc (#f)               dump memory debugging statistics
  debug-gc-assert-parsed-dead (#f)
                              for memory debugging:
ensure that all refs to parsed objects are dead. This
is an internal option, and is switched on automatically for -ddebug-gc.
  debug-lexer (#f)            debug the flex lexer
  debug-page-breaking-scoring (#f)
dump scores for many different page breaking configurations
  debug-parser (#f)           debug the bison parser
  debug-property-callbacks (#f)
                              debug cyclic callback chains
  debug-skylines (#f)         debug skylines
  delete-intermediate-files (#f)
                              delete unusable PostScript files
  dump-cpu-profile (#f)       dump timing information (system-dependent)
  dump-profile (#f)           dump memory and time information for each file
dump-signatures (#f) dump output signatures of each system. Used for
regression testing.
eps-box-padding (#f) Pad EPS bounding box left edge. Guarantee alignment
between systems in LaTeX.
  gs-load-fonts (#f)          load fonts via Ghostscript.
  gs-load-lily-fonts (#f)     load only lilypond fonts via Ghostscript.
  gui (#f)                    running from gui; redirect stderr to log file
  help (#t)                   show this help.
  include-book-title-preview (#t)
                              include book-titles in preview images.
  include-eps-fonts (#t)      Include fonts in separate-system EPS files.
  job-count (#f)              Process in parallel
  log-file (#f)               redirect output to log FILE.log
  midi-extension (midi)       set the default file extension for MIDI
  old-relative (#f)           relative for simultaneous music works
                              similar to chord syntax
  paper-size (a4)             the default paper size
  pixmap-format (png16m)      GS format to use for pixel images
  point-and-click (#t)        use point & click
  preview (#f)                make a incipit image.
  print-pages (#t)            print pages normally.
  profile-property-accesses (#f)
                              keep statistics of get_property() calls.
  protected-scheme-parsing (#t)
                              continue when finding errors in inline
                              scheme are caught in the parser. If off, halt
                              on errors, and print a stack trace.
read-file-list (#f) Read files to be processed from command line arguments
  resolution (101)            resolution for generating PNG bitmaps
  safe (#f)                   Run safely
  separate-log-files (#f)     Output to FILE.log per file.
  show-available-fonts (#f)
                              List font names available.
  strict-infinity-checking (#f)
                              If yes, crash on encountering Inf/NaN.
  strip-output-dir (#t)       If yes, strip directories from input files.
  trace-memory-frequency (#f)
Record Scheme cell usage this many times per second,
and dump to file.
  trace-scheme-coverage (#f)
                              Record coverage of Scheme files
  verbose (#f)                value for the --verbose flag


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