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Re: lilypond-book is not flavor independent

From: Cláudia Soares
Subject: Re: lilypond-book is not flavor independent
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 12:46:06 +0000

On 2009/03/28, at 12:18, Graham Percival wrote:
  Tiger uses 2.3.5, which does *not*
support lilypond-book and convert-ly.
(we use set(), which was introduced in python 2.4)
You need 2.4 just because of the set container? If yes, you could have imported Sets and used the set=Sets() constructor.
This is available in >= python 2.2. (no news for you, I guess)...

The ironic touch was -- I must say -- not productive. I believe apps should check their dependencies and be self-contained. Nevertheless, we can imagine how dreadful it would be to have an entire OS shipped with every app. If a given program needs to use some other non generic program it should ship it. If it runs on python or lisp or any multi-purpose interpreter, the program should just check for the minimal version and exit&error if not present. It should *never* look for some specific filesystem path for that program. It should always use the loaded $path.

This last simple thing is not done in lilypond-book. And this is not stone-throwing, or else I was not offering myself to help in the issue resolution.



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