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Re: lilypond-book is not flavor independent

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: lilypond-book is not flavor independent
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 20:49:35 +0200

On 29 Mar 2009, at 16:28, Carl D. Sorensen wrote:

I mean this link:


I have done something similar for Scala, which uses Gtk, which depends on Pango I think (at least Scala uses it). I had no use for /opt/local/ sbin, at least it was not in my PATH. Just read about what these directories are for:
Also, 'export DISPLAY=:0.0' (and 'open -a X11' since the Gtk was bound to X Window) was needed on 10.4 but not 10.5.

When one writes 'export PATH=...:$PATH' then '...' is added every time one makes a subshell. So therefore I use the prepend_path() as in the post to the lilypond-user thread "midi2ly on Mac OS X". I am not sure it makes any difference in performance, as shells like bash use look- up tables. Or use the rubicode.com Systems Preferences panel.

Also for starting Scala, I used a script 'scala':
  export SCALA_HOME=/usr/local/share/scala-22
  export LC_CTYPE=en_US.ISO8859-1
  # export LC_CTYPE=UTF-8 # Not needed under Mac OS X 10.5
  # export PANGO_RC_FILE=/usr/local/share/scala-22/etc/pango/pangorc
  # export GDK_USE_XFT=1
# export GDK_PIXBUF_MODULE_FILE=/usr/local/share/scala-22/etc/ gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders
  # export GTK2_RC_FILES=/usr/local/share/scala-22/etc/gtkrc-2.0
  # export GTK_PATH=/usr/local/share/scala-22/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0
  # export DISPLAY=:0.0 # Not needed under Mac OS X 10.5
  # open -a X11         # Not needed under Mac OS X 10.5
  exec /usr/local/share/scala-22/scala "$@"
Most of the stuff is commented out, but may be important if one makes a distributed binary.

One problem with these MacPorts libraries is that they get /opt/local/ stamped onto all paths. One rude idea, to make them movable, I haven't tried is to search them for the string and replace with say ././././.// :-).

But apart from building libraries self with relative paths, there is for Gtk Intel Mac 10.5:
which provides bindings directly to Aqua. I think one can make Mac OS X Applications with it.

It should contain at least Pango. Perhaps those guys knows about similar for some of the other needed stuff.


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