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Re: Proposal for resolving Half/Quarter note ambiguity on pure tablatur

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: Proposal for resolving Half/Quarter note ambiguity on pure tablature staves (with partial code mod)
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 15:46:35 +0200

2009/2/21 Ricdude <address@hidden>:
> I've seen this ambiguity handled in some tablatures by adding a short
> straight line perpendicular to the end of the stem for half notes.
> The result looks kind of like the letter L (sans-serif, and inverted
> for upstems), about as wide as an eighth note flag.  Quarter notes
> retain their "normal" straight staves in this notation system.

Greetings, and my apologies for having left this mail unanswered for so long,

I have added your suggestion to our tracker as

However, technically I should not have done so because you didn't
provide us with an example of such a notation. Can you please send an
image of what you're referring to?

You may also want to install the latest LilyPond version (if you're
using Windows, we do have a native version so using cygwin is not
required -- nor recommended). We recently have implemented new
features that allow to define new stem-flags much more easily.

> Long term, I'd like to see all of the "special" guitar notation
> techniques (bends, dives, slash heads on tab staffs, etc.) implemented
> in some form or another.  Some of these unique notation techniques can
> be seen here:
> http://tabs.guitarworld.com/tabs/gwtabpage/4385/1920/back-in-black

Once again, we'd need to have small individual examples (png images
are much, much preferred compared to a flash website ;-)


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