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Re: LilyPond 2.12.3 crash (Mac OS X)

From: James Bailey
Subject: Re: LilyPond 2.12.3 crash (Mac OS X)
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 19:59:21 +0200

On Aug 4, 2010, at 6:51 PM, Robert Kennedy wrote:

>> I'm also an on-duty bug squadder, and I am running OSX. I have a
>> question, where is nonexistentVoice defined?
> It's not. I am able to reproduce (what appears to be) the same crash
> with a perfectly valid lilypond source file in which every voice is
> defined, but the culture of lilypond (contrary to my experience with
> other compilers) appears to strongly favor shortening the test cases
> and rejecting bugs filed with test cases that aren't minimal. So I
> shortened it as much as possible, which meant using a nonexistent
> voice.
> Tonight I can post a slightly longer example that causes (what appears
> to be) the same crash and is entirely valid, if you think that would
> help.
>       -- Robert

I don't know if it helps, but using the development version there is no 
segmentation fault. Additionally, adding ~ to the third beat in:
 gis8 gis8~ gis8 fis8~ fis e8~ e e~ |

also gets rid of the problem

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