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Re: Issue 1201 in lilypond: GUB regtest building flakey?

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 1201 in lilypond: GUB regtest building flakey?
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2010 05:55:02 +0000

        Summary: GUB regtest building flakey?
        Owner: joeneeman
        Cc: n.puttock
        Labels: -Type-Build Type-Defect

Comment #1 on issue 1201 by percival.music.ca: GUB regtest building flakey?

Running lilypond from
produces a good bookparts.ly

Is it possible that there's a memory leak, or some unitialized variable/pointer, in the spacing code? In particular, something that was added after 2.13.28 ? That could explain why GUB seems to screw up the page counts for regtests when running in a huge collection, whereas individual runs work.

Alternately, could there be any information leakage between multiple processes? AFAIK, GUB calls lilypond with -j8 CPU_COUNT=8.

... aha!  I've reproduced it with linux-x86:
  rm -rf input/regression/
  cd input
  nice make -j8 CPU_COUNT=8 doc

I end up with 52/lily-23a75a14.png showing wonky page numbers (ToC: 1 7 3 4), whereas running lilypond lily-23a75a14.ly produces good stuff (ToC: 1 2 3).

I'm moving this to a Defect since I've reproduced it without GUB. note: I have *not* applied Joe's lilypond-book fix. I don't think that has anything to do with this problem (since it didn't exist in .28), figured I should state that anyway.

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